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You are invited to schedule your ultrasound body treatments online. The appointment slot will allow you time to receive a single or double session.

Because we are a small business with limited appointment times we suggest scheduling all your appointment's in advance..

If after registering online  you can not find a appointment time that works for you,  email us with your request. And we will put you on a cancellation list to get you started sooner.

You may email us at after registering online.

 If you would like to upgrade to a V.I.P package please contact us for assistance so we can get you on our V.I.P schedule immediately.
We have appointment's set aside for new V.I.P members who would like to start body sculpting ASAP or prefer evening appointment's.
 V.I.P members call 425 533-4571 for assistance with V.I.P priority scheduling.

V.I.P Spring specials

By a package on your FIRST VISIT AND add 1 free single session to your package.

3 single zone body sessions for $149
5 single zone body sessions for $225

3 Double zones body sessions for $199
6 Double zone body sessions for   $359 
9 Double zone body sessions for   $493


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