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You are invited to schedule your ultrasound body treatments online.The appointment slot will allow you time to receive a single or double session.

Because we are a small business with limited appointment times we suggest scheduling  your appointment in advance..

If you are interested in becoming a V.I.P member please call 425 533-4571 to get scheduled on the V.I.P schedule.

  V.I.P Specials

1 triple ultimate fat reduction treatment for $89
This 60 minute treatment includes a full 60 minutes of ultrasound cavitation along with far infrared heat,LED body lights and fascia blasting,treats up to 3 areas.

1 bonus body contouring treatment $59
This super single session includes 30 minutes of ultrasound cavitation, far infrared heat and photon red lights.
(This treatment is good for skin tightening on a larger area and faster fat reduction results on a small area.)

The heads up special $74
This treatments sculpts  your abdominal area or inner thighs while your face is under the facial L.E.D lights. It includes a massaging facial cleanse , 20 minutes of ultrasound cavitation treatment while recieving facial L.E.D lights and far infrared heat for the body. 
  (upgrade to a double treatment for $25 more)

 Ultrasound mini facial $69.
This is a 45 minute facial that includes
A cleanse, exfoliation, ultrasound and a mini moisturizing massage with far infrared heat.

The Face Lift Facial $99
This 60 minute facial will tighten,brighten and give your face a lift without the pain of needles,laser or surgery. It starts with a exfoliating cleanse followed by facial L.E.D lights, facial ultrasound  with antioxidant serums infused into your skin, lifting fascia massage into your neck chin and jawline.Finished by moisturizing massage over the full face.  

FACE And Body Ultrasound Infrared Special $99
This indulging treatment includes....
A  facial cleanse, exfoliation, ultrasound and a mini moisturizing massage for the face.
Followed with a single ultrasound body sculpting session with far infrared heat to reduce your fat. 
Upgrade to a double fat reduction treatment only $25 more.


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